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Can I?????

Written By Jeff Roman

As outdoorsman we're always wondering.......

CAN I  ??????? Can I be a professional bass angler? Can I really go out each and every day and compete and make a living catching fish and not just any fish. I’m talking bass. If you’re not a bass fisherman you probably won’t get that. But that’s OK, it’s not the point.

But it is the same with any sport or hobby that you are interested in. Doesn’t matter if you’re a hunter. Could I be a hunting guide? Could I take people out each and every day and make a living by showing people how to get that trophy hunt under their belt? With that saying can I cross it off my bucket list. Help that hunter achieve that prized bear kill to mark it off his bucket list is that something I could do for a living?  

We all have dreams or had dreams. About being that star football player or professional baseball player. How about a pool shark? And I’m talking somebody good at billiards not chasing real sharks. LOL.

Of course there are things that limit us. Natural ability. Special gifts that God has given us to do certain things. But that’s not at all what I’m talking about here. Working in Gods will that’s a whole different subject. What I’m talking about here is as a human being going out and doing things that are above and beyond. Above and beyond what we think we are capable of doing. Going out and making a difference! So many people get up each and every day and suffer through a job, a work experience, daily experiences that they are just not happy with. And even if you are happy with your daily life, what are you doing for the Kingdom. What are you doing for others? So you work most of your life and now you’re retired and you get up and go fishing every day. Or you are playing golf every day. I’m not saying some of that is not a good thing because you’ve earned it or we think we have anyway. But what are we doing for the world around us? What are we doing for God‘s Kingdom?

In the book of James chapter 5 verse 17
Elijah was a man .... JUST LIKE US... and he prayed earnestly that it would not rain, and it did not rain on the land for three years and six months. And he prayed again and the heaven gave rain, and the earth produced its fruit.

This is one powerful scripture! God shows us everywhere in the Bible how He takes ordinary people and does extraordinary and miraculous things. He can do those things with us and through us also. We need to pray, we need to have faith, we need to trust God and where He leads us. Keep praying and then move forward with what God ask us to do. Do you think you can make a difference?? Did Elijah know that he could make a difference?!   Start praying and make a difference!!

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