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The reason for this web site is to help outdoorsman (or anyone else including myself) to find, understand, and advance their walk and relationship with our Lord, Jesus Christ. This site has been a vision for years and is also a work in progress, just like our relationship with God. It is also a place for Christian outdoorsman to share outdoor moments and stories.


A building for public worship

When you develop a relationship with God. Church becomes more than just a building.


An institution to express belief in the divine power

I have struggled with the above two words and their meanings for most of my adult life. For some people church and or religion is a needed part of finding and keeping in touch with God, but for some like me it hasn't worked. I have gone many years believing in God but not having a relationship with him.


The state of being connected

In the past few years I have found alternative means that have taught me how to work on my relationship with God. I now feel the connection with God. My daily walk with him helps with every aspect of my life. It's like having a partner or teammate on board, with God being the leader. He helps with all the highs as well as the lows.

God has provided us a map to life through his word, The Bible. He has given us this map to show us the way to live life in a meaningful, joyful, purposeful way.

Interpretation and clear meaning through the Bible can be tough at times. Getting the correct people and getting their insights through daily devotionals is an easy way for you and I to advance our relationship with God. God put certain people into our lives as part of his plan. These people like you and I have discovered and advanced their walk and relationship with God, they want to pass it on for all to do the same. We just need to seek them out with his guidance and to continue to build that relationship with him. Many of these people have websites and/or books to provide you with daily readings and tell you how it works in your everyday life, Some provide emails that can be sent directly to you. I am always looking for new people, venues, websites that will help us on our journey. I will keep you informed as I discover them here at Highlife Outdoor Ministry.

Please visit all of our pages at this site, please come back often. We would love to have you share your stories and thoughts with us. If you like, we can post them here on Highlife Outdoor Ministry Thoughts page for all the outdoor Christians to enjoy.


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